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New & Available


Broadside Excerpt from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (with

Derick Wycherly)


Artists' Book/Chapter of Train Tracts: Of Pregnancy & Pilgrimage by Emily Dyer Barker

Pipeline Q & A Final.jpg

Free downloadable zine for Quarantine Public Library: Q & A About Pipelines


Posters in support of the Stop Line 3 movement are on display & for sale at the A2AC's 

Awake: Printmaking in Action, Ann Arbor MI 

Still Available

Melis01_Savanna Roots.jpg

Unsexed & Unsphered

Savanna Roots

Seed Mix

Learn more and/or purchase at Abecedarian Artists' Books

Learn more here.

Purchase by contacting the artist.

Learn more and/or purchase by contacting the artist


Broadsides and prints

Learn more and/or purchase by viewing those done for the CSBSJU LAI and/or contacting the artist

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