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Rey's Place

Written & Illustrated
by Rachel Melis

I am seeking representation and publication for this story:


When moving to a new house and school, quiet and observant Rey struggles to fit in. Then Rey realizes many other kids struggle with the same thing for a variety of reasons hinted at in the illustrations: gender norms, fear of rejection, etc.. My style of spare text, occasional word bubbles, and open compositions encourages readers to imagine how they, like Rey, can use empathy to take social risks, reach out, and form new relationships.

Forty Weeks in Watercolor

by Rachel Melis

I am seeking a publisher interested in turning this series into a gift book and/or sets of cards.


Fruitful features vibrant, realistic, to-scale watercolor/gouache paintings of the fruits and vegetables commonly used to help people imagine babies in utero (from week 4 to week 40).

Learn more by reading this article in The Saint Cloud Times or watching this video of my gallery talk in the Fall of 2020 at the College of Saint Benedict.

Fruitful Sample Pages 26-40.jpg


Process Work

To see four years of sketches from my daily life as an artist-parent check out these two blogs made in collaboration with artist Aremy Stewart. &

Baby Can Draw Screenshot
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